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18yo First Naked Massage – Jennifer – Virgin Massage


Hey, I am Jennifer. I am still excited after this morning’s shoot at the defloration studio. This was the most wonderful that has happened to me after a long time. I work as a store assistant in a designer boutique in St Petersburg, showing pretty dresses to beautiful women and their daughter from rich families. I earn quite enough for myself but I have big dreams. I love good clothes and I love to pose .
It was seven years ago that we moved to St. Petersburg from a small town. My father had a plumbing business in the village and he got a huge offer with a construction firm in the city. There were no second thoughts. It was our parents’ big chance to make their dreams come true. So just during my puberty years, we shifted to a new location, to a new house. My parents were busy setting up their home and I missed my old friends a lot. The area we had come into was full of families with children of my age but I was always more interested in the elder children and had a new best friend who was six years elder to me.

Pronstars: Jennifer Anixton