BackroomCastingCouch – Camila – Oh Fuck You’re Gonna Snap My Back Bro


20-year-old Camila the cutie is here today and she is all joy. She’s so bubbly, smiley, and just plain happy.. and we haven’t even gotten to her looks yet. She’s a stone-cold fox if you ask me. When she calls, Rick directs her into the office and onto the couch for this week’s romp. She’s a 20-something who’s trying to find her bearings and direction in life. She’s currently an office gal for a doctor and let’s be honest, that doesn’t sound like very high on the life ambition checklist. So why not get paid large sums of money to fuck strangers? Matter of fact let’s get his process started now! Rick tries to crack the nut that is Camille, and before long she’s standing in front of us in her birthday suit. She’s got legs for days. After getting naked for us, and being asked to play with toys and use a vibrator Camile all smiles. You’ve gotta love that. She even gives us the cutest little pushback before she inevitably has my cock in her mouth. This girl is a pleaser, really enjoying herself and her work. Down on all fours, she gets another surprise… my cock in her pussy.. and I beat those guts up without even taking off my shoes and trousers all the way. Over on the couch is more of the same, just smiley, happy, fun banging. Next, it’s time to ratchet up the difficulty level and on to the anal portion of the interview. She handles it like a champ, and I think she enjoyed it well enough, she was still smiling most of the way. Finally, I plow her ass in the chair until I can’t take it anymore and blast her with a nice facial and mouth cumshot straight outta said ass. OF COURSE, she loves it. Even back on the couch covered in cum, drenched in sweat, she had a great time. Camila, I think you’re just the gal for this job… but as we all know… hehe see you next week.

Pronstars: Camila