BackroomCastingCouch – Ellie


At first, Ellie is hesitant to even just take off her dress, and more so when I ask her to suck my cock as part of her ‘demo tape’. She’s from the corporate world and clearly hasn’t thought this whole porn career thing through. I wish she’d kept up her walls and left instead of agreeing to things she regrets two minutes later. Like anal. She doesn’t exactly seem opposed to getting assfucked at first. I pull out the second I realize she’s crying. “It’s been a long time…”, she mutters while drying her tears. Now my mood is ruined but I still need to get off so I unload my cum inside her. There’s a lot of it. Turns out she’s not on the pill, she always uses condoms. Even. With. Her. FIANCE. She said she doesn’t plan on telling him about her newfound interest in porn. I just hope she’ll be able to hide the abortion clinic bill from him. And my phone number.

Pronstars: Ellie