BackroomCastingCouch – Isabella


Isabella is beautiful, classy, sweet – and only barely 18 years old. And willing to try anal for the first time in her life. Yeah, we got lucky with this one. Well, Jake does, he got to tap that juicy teen ass. Literally.
Isabella works as a food server while she figures out what she wants from life. Not very sexually experienced, but she did recently have sex with her co-worker, and it sucked. That’s right, buddy, you suck at teh secks. So Izzy doesn’t balk at all when Jake, after going through the usual interview – stripping – masturbation demo spiel, tells her that she now needs to suck his cock so he can make sure she’s got the skills to work with a male talent on an actual porn shoot in the future. Does everything she’s told and does it pretty well for being barely legal. Looks forward to her first anal, and instantly regrets it. But she powers through the assfucking all the way until Jake shoots his load inside her juicy teen ass. She leaves happy, with a butt full of sperm and promises of piles of money in her near future. For now, Isabella is back at work, bringing folks their 12-dollar over-salted chicken dinners while waiting for those producers to call. Secretly we hope she keeps going to auditions and eventually finds a real agent who’ll hook her up with paying sucky-fucky gigs for real.

Pronstars: Isabella