BackroomCastingCouch – Sami


25-year-old Sami is quite the little firecracker. If she’s 5 foot tall then she’s standing on a phone book, and if she’s standing on a phone book, she’s damn near falling over with those GIGANTIC DD tits hanging off her chest. If you look up bubbly in the dictionary, it’s just a picture of this chick. Needless to say we’re gonna have a blast with this one. Sami works in a nurse’s office, but what she truly wants is fame and fortune. She found my “Model’s Wanted” ad promising her the world and contacted me. Now she’s on the black couch, and little does she know she’s about to get some dick. She took all of our punches and rolled with them. She did a great job sucking cock, smiling the whole time. She loved getting that tiny petite frame absolutely railed and clearly had just as much fun as Cam did. She even opted to keep Cam’s cum on her face as a skin moisturizer (!). BTW, Sami hasn’t stopped blowing up my phone since the shoot. So if she’s up for anal, then we’ll bring her back in for another round.

Pronstars: Sami