BBCSurprise – Roxanne – XXL Dick Best


Welcome back gorgeous and today’s newbie is none other than Roxanne who’s been making quite the wet splashes over at Excogigirls and ExCoGi these past few weeks. She loves to lick slit and has done plenty of that over at our Girl/Girl site so go check her out. She also took her first cock on camera over at ExploitedCollegeGirls and until today Tyler Nixon’s had the largest cock she’d ever fucked. Well, those experiences were the minor leagues Rox because today we’re surprising you with Isiah Maxwell and he’s swinging a major league Louisville Slugger of a bat and we think you’re ready for the big show. So after white cock director Rocky played around with her holes and we got a look at what a fanfuckingtastic body she’s sporting out on the couch, We’re not sure how Rocky contains himself with such a pretty and willing hottie. I mean the way she bends over and spreads her heart-shaped ass is the universal gesture that says, “Fuck Me.” We all want to and with restraint, he then leads her down the hallway for a very wet and juicy squirting orgasm before it’s off to the bedroom where the real fun is, so she thinks. And boy oh boy do we have a surprise for her. Look for yourself at (12:23) because when Isiah and his massive Black meat cleaver emerged from the shower she couldn’t take her eyes off of how huge it was. Now Rox has been with one other black guy she admitted, but Isiah is much, much, much bigger and eagerly got on her knees and began sucking. So did Isiah’s massive bat fit all the way down her throat? Fuck yea it did at (13:38) and then again at (14:23) as he tells her to play with his balls. Good little submissive but that wasn’t the best of them. Nope because the last hide the salami at (14:51) was kept down her throat as he spun around to lift her up onto the vanity and away we go on the merry-go-round of paginal everyone. What a beautiful vagina Rox has and Isiah loved filling it with his black cock as she gasped in amazement as she felt it probe deep past her belly button. You can tell when Isiah loves the pussy because he spends extra time in the bathroom and Rox has her second orgasm as she bent over at (20:28). Other highlights include Rox’s uncontrollable leg twitches at (31:42) before Isiah so kindly gives her O #3 in side spoon butt burger position. Then if you love toe curling, because the toes never lie they say, the curling feast begins at (38:06) and lasts throughout the remainder of lazy doggy. Now if you thought the deep throat bonanza was over, you’re wrong because at (44:26) and then again at (44:45) with the look of “Holy shit this is big!” in her bloodshot eyes as the festivities continued. Let’s see, what else is there to say except we love you Roxanne. She then has a very wet and gushing orgasm #5 at (47:45) because nothing says thank you more than leaving a huge wet spot on the bed from an uncontrollable orgasm. You’re welcome girl and if you thought things couldn’t get any better you should take a look at (51:47) because the site of Rox’s perfectly shaped ass bouncing up and down on Isiah’s black meat is absolute perfection in motion. More perfection was how Isiah’s cum looked dripping out of her slightly gaped pink pussy before she hopped off of it and licked his love juice clean off his stomach. Can’t get better than that, so cheers everyone and I really hope you enjoy this beautiful newbie’s first BBC on cameras. And if you want to hear Roxanne confess a ton of stuff she talks throughout her entire shower.

Pronstars: Roxanne