BlackAmbush – Lumi Ray – Worth the price of Submission


Yes she’s back and today she thinks she’s here to do another ExCoGi scene with Rocky “The Director” and I’m not sure who’s more fucking excited? Rocky was beside himself when I told him who we were ambushing today and he couldn’t wait to smack that firm ass and finger this hottie’s asshole. Now on the flip side, our redheaded beauty was just as giddy when she thought Rocky was the stud cock because he’s the man with the golden fingers that can make any girl squirt so today was going to be a win-win for everybody. So things get going and quite steamy rather quickly on the couch as Rocky tells our hottie to strip and spanks that fine ass of hers nice and hard. This submissive girl likes to be told what to do and Rocky’s the perfect Dom to lay down the law and tells her she better fucking tell him when she’s cumming while she used the magic wand on herself. So hot. So hot. So is this girl smoking hot or is she super fucking smoking hot? Yes exactly and it took all of Rocky’s might mind you not to whip it out while she played with that spectacularly wet and pretty pink pussy of hers on the couch as he fingered and shoved a butt plug up her ass giving her her first squirting orgasm of the day. This girl loves to have her ass played with and I can see why everyone wants to stick their tongues up it and be the lucky SOB that fulfills her desire of having her limits pushed. Well pushed today is what happened and as Darth Vader would say, “Cum to the dark side girl,” and that’s exactly what happened to our lovely when instructed to get a towel from the bathroom. Also not exactly sure how she didn’t see Isiah right away coming out of the shower when the sound of the shower curtain was opened, and maybe she thought it was Rocky opening it, but either way, let us introduce you to your first black cock and it for sure is the biggest she’s ever had. Deep throating you ask? Limits pushed. Biggest cock thrust deeper than ever before into that stunningly tight pussy you inquire? Limits were pushed and pushed more. Fucked senselessly in standing up position while brought to heightened sexual euphoria for her fourth of many orgasms? Well her limits were pushed and exceeded today for sure. That was her favorite position by the way she confessed and all this glorious debauchery happened before Isiah carried our sex kitten to the bedroom where he pounded that quivering slit to a multitude more orgasms. She even admitted she might want to move here because we’ve given her the best sex of her life. Well you’re welcome honey we do aim to please here, and from the freshly fucked and thoroughly satisfied look upon your face after Isiah blew his load over it is thanks enough. She even lurched forward to suck his cock clean of his delicious cum and this girl defines sexy, and I’ll admit, is everyone’s type of girl. Big natural tits, beautiful face with lips that say “giddy-up boys” and could probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose. YEAH, BABY!!! Legs that go all the way from the fucking floor up to her tight ass, which just happens to sandwich between them one spectacular pussy and butthole. BOOYA!!! She loves butt plugs and is willing to keep trying anal until she likes it and her goal in life is to push her sexuality to higher and higher paramount heights that consist of bigger and greater euphoric-filled orgasmic experiences is there anything more that this goddess could be? No and I’m happy to say another successful BBC surprise and extremely satisfied slutting is in the books everyone so enjoys her.

Pronstars: Lumi Rey