ExploitedCollegeGirls – Lila – I Don’t Even Let My Boyfriend Cum In Me


With a pussy and body that fine, we don’t understand why this hot as fuck girl is with a boyfriend who’s got such a small cock. You know life is too short to drink bad wine, eat bad food or fuck small cocks dear. Listen, honey, you were blessed with a killer body and it appears you’ve hit the “sex life” lottery so you should be fucking guys with at least above-average-sized cocks. And if you don’t know what the average size cock is well it’s only 5.1 inches erect, which means we are truly sorry to the 50% of you ladies out there that are with the below-average guys and we feel your frustration. Well, today’s exploit Lila sure as fuck felt Tyler and from the moment she got penetrated she kept saying she was used to way smaller and we think it’s time for a new boyfriend who’s got a cock that can satisfy her. You see she’s in an open relationship she explains. Well, open on her side LOL she goes on to clarify and I have one comment to the boyfriend. Being a wussy, that’s a part wimp and part pussy mind you, in tandem with a small cock is no way to go through life pal. He must have money or something I’m guessing to be able to snag a fine piece of tail like you Lila and I hope he’s not the jealous type because Tyler fucked the shit out of you today and who’d blame him? You’ve got the smallest and tightest pussy we’ve seen in a while and tits that are perfectly perky and erect that just beg to be licked and played with which Tyler did a lot of today. So things start off with a little fingering and clit licking of that beautiful slit before Tyler face fucked our lovely on the way to gag-town. Blowjob you ask? Yea this girl knows how to suck cock which was just the foreplay for this little slut who also experienced her first squirting ever at the skillful hands of Tyler. Love that and Tyler kept confirming just how tight that pussy was as he plowed this gorgeous girl’s slit harder and better than she’s ever been plowed before. “Am I allowed to like rub my clit,” this shy newbie asked at 28:52 into this love story and halfway through the first position of missionary, and YES baby you can do whatever you want if it helps you get off. And let me tell you this little newbie played with her little kitty cat the same way Stevie Ray Vaughan plays with his guitar. Hard and fast was the hand action of Lila and she even played with it the entire scene trying her hardest to make herself cum… But to no avail, she admitted post-shoot and we all chalked it up to her nervousness. But don’t fret everyone. Tyler being the competitive marksman he is, paid a little visit to our sweetheart in the shower and fucked her tight slit twice more giving her two of those elusive O’s that she tried so hard to give herself on the bed. Tyler even found out Lila’s little secret that She’s never let anyone, especially her boyfriend, ever cum inside of her and you know what that means don’t you? That’s exactly where Tyler ended up cumming, but don’t worry we made sure there wouldn’t be any set babies conceived today and made Lila take a Plan B on camera just before the closing credits if you’re into that kind of shit. So in closing, I hope you all enjoy Lila and her first sex on camera. Tootles, Steve

Pronstars: Lila