FamilySwap – Molly Little, Pristine Edge – Naughty Or Nice We Are All Cumming This Christmas


What would happen if three families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Molly Little is checking out the gifts under the tree while her swap brother Ricky Spanish creeps on her. Pristine Edge and Ryan Driller want to know what Ricky is doing, but when Molly turns around and shows that her shirt is sheer and her nipples are easy to see they get it. Molly is unashamed about her shirt. Acting like everything is fine, she asks everyone to make Christmas lists. Ricky asks for a porn subscription, at which point Pristine tells the swap kids to shape up and act better while they decorate the tree in the morning.

Molly waits until the tree is almost decorated to bring out the hyper-sexual ornaments she made for each member of the family. Ryan asks if they’re really hanging them up and Pristine tells him to do it in the hope that it’ll embarrass her swap daughter. Instead, Molly takes advantage of the swap parents being distracted to pop Ricky’s hard-on out and drop to her knees for a BJ. Sick of her swap daughter’s shit, Pristine gives Ryan the same treatment.

Those blowjobs kick off a whole family swap once they move to the couch. Molly takes Ricky in doggie while Pristine rides Ryan in reverse cowgirl. The girls switch partners so Molly can ride Ryan’s hard-on in cowgirl while Pristine gets on her knees for Ricky to pound her pussy. Swapping back, Pristine and Molly both get on their backs so that Ryan and Ricky can go to town banging them. Ricky delivers a nice big creampie in Molly’s pussy, while Ryan pulls out a moment later to cum all over Pristine’s stomach. Exchanging kisses, the girls agree it’s the best Christmas ever.