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Innocent Teen Girl – Mila de Armas – Defloration


Hi. My name is Mila.
I’m from Russian. I’m 18 years old and I’m still a virgin. My girlfriends say, that I’ll stay a virgin until I get old because I’m too shy and afraid to go out with guys. They’re right about it when they tell me so. I was raised by my grandmother. Almost my entire life I spent growing up in a village. My mother is a scientist and is always gone on her business trips. That’s for me my grandma has replaced my mother. I have always missed her, but with time getting used to it…
But around a year my life has turned sideways after my grandmother’s death. So I moved back in with my mom. By then I was already 17, and it was alright to stay home alone when she was away. My mom at the time has canceled all her business trips, just to stay home with me.
Every night my mom was visited by her friend Nikolai. They were having fun, drinking white wine, and staying up till midnight…
I have always left to sleep. Although once, I woke up at 12 am to go to the toilet to pee. While walking, I froze for a second because I heard moans coming out of my mom’s room…
I slowly went close to her room and looked down in the lock hole. What I saw then got me into a shock! My mother was standing naked on her knees and was sucking the huge cock of Nikolai! She was adoring it and moaning from it… I immediately felt like my blood was getting hotter and hotter and I felt almost drunk in my head. I couldn’t believe my eyes. After this Nikolai turned my mom with her back towards him and bent her over. He slid his huge cock into her pussy and started moving it fast with his whole body. My mom started to moan more intensely from pleasure.
I ran to my bed right away and had no idea what to do next. My head was exploding.
At the same time, I felt that my pussy got fully wet and numb.
I put my finger inside my panties and started to caress myself. This was a new, exciting experience for me. I also imagined then that it wasn’t my hand but Nikolais big cock instead. Right away after imagining it, it felt like I fell down in an abyss and lost my consciousness. This was my first real orgasm! After this day my life has changed completely. Nikolai was still going to my mom every night. I have always waited for this moment, to watch them in the lock hole and masturbate.

Pronstars: Mila de Armas