Mom Seduce Son’s Teen Girlfriend


 She took off my shirt and we lay down on the bed, continuing to drink wine and listen to pleasant music. Arina put her hand on my stomach. Everything tightened in anticipation. She began to go lower and lower, stroking my legs, and then abruptly climbed under my skirt. Feeling how wet it was, Arina threw her tender pen into my panties, and a long moan burst from my lips. This went on for several minutes, then she took off my skirt and panties and asked:
 “Is this your first time?”
    I nodded and she, spreading my legs, clung her tender lips. I felt so good, I moaned and wriggled at the touch of her skillful tongue. She decided to change my position and made me 69. Now I felt not only her tongue, but also the fingers that were already inside me. She was building up the pace, and I was moaning like a bitch. But as soon as I felt the orgasm approaching, Arina suddenly stopped and went somewhere …