My Family Pies – Evelin, Paula Lee – Accommodating Step Sisters


Dan has left the USA to backpack around Europe. To save money, he often books shared accommodations. This time, he is splitting space with two Czech stepsisters, Evelin and Paula Lee. There’s a bit of a language barrier. Dan knows that he’s interested, but he assumes both girls are out of his league. Little does he know that the girls are both very sexual and very interested. When Dan doesn’t immediately react to their skintight shorts with camel toe, the girls decide to take matters into their own hands. Paula grabs Dan’s phone and starts looking for music she can dance to while shaking her booty. Evelin gets in on the action. When Paula ducks out for a moment, Evelin moves on to giving Dan a lap dance and inviting him to put his hand all over her tight figure.

Evelin continues to make her intentions very clear as she gets Dan onto his feet to dance with her so she can grind against his hardon. Turning around, she indulges in a brief make-out session as her hands creep low to stroke his cock. Pulling Dan’s stiffie full out, Evelin gives him a handie to make her intentions crystal clear. Then she turns around and leans against a post so that Dan can fuck her from behind. Paula walks in on them and is upset that she didn’t get to have the first turn before her stepsister swooped in. Evelin agrees to share after one more minute, but little does Dan know the girls are competing to see who he’ll cum inside. Once Evelin climbs off the D, Paula joins her on her knees to deliver a double blowjob. Then the threesome fun really starts.

Relocating to the couch, the girls spread their thighs so that Dan can finger bang both of them at the same time. He lets them each lick the other’s juices from his fingers, then takes a seat on the couch so Paula can climb aboard for a stiffie ride. Evelin masturbates as she watches her stepsis go, but then she insists on taking a ride of her own. The girls turn around so they’re taking turns riding with their titties in Dan’s face. Then they get on their knees side by side so Dan can fuck them in a pussy buffet. In the end, Dan nuts inside Evelin’s fuck hole as Paula waits underneath with her mouth open to catch the salty creampie treat.

Pronstars: Evelin / Paula Lee