Petite Blonde – Monika Jelolt – Defloration


With my fantasies fueling my actions, I began to play to him while I masturbated. Perhaps he thought I was performing for an imaginary audience, but in truth, he became my only audience. The more I knew he was watching, the more I masturbated. The more I masturbated the more he watched. And the bolder we both became. At first, he spied upon me through a small crack in the door, but eventually, the crack widened as his boldness grew. Soon, I could tell that he was stroking his cock and within days, I caught my first sight of his cock as he stroked himself through the ever-widening crack in the door. He was long and very thick. There was a roadmap of veins covering its heft and I imagined what pleasure those ripples would bring to my pussy. I watched as he stroked himself from base to tip, swirling his hand around the tip before making its return trip back down its considerable length. The more he stroked, the larger he became and when I imagined him to be fully erect, his own hand barely was able to contain its girth. This went on for several days until in great boldness I called his name as I came in the shower.

Pronstars: Monika Jelolt