Petite Virgin Teen – Szilvia Nagyarc – Virgin Massage


“Are you 18?” asked the lady who called me up after looking at the pictures I sent. “We only work with girls who above 18 years of age and virgins.” “Welllll, I am a virgin but I turn 18 only after two weeks. Can’t I come for the shoot, please?” “We will schedule it for the day after you turn 18. Are you free that day?” Of course I was free! I have been preparing for this for so long now .
Let me introduce myself properly. I am Tanya. What do I say about myself? I just turned 18 yesterday. I am a virgin and I am quite shy. Well, not in front of the camera, as you have seen but otherwise. I stay in a city in Ukraine that’s near the sea. Our city is very old and beautiful and I love staying here. Apart from modeling, my other love is history…I love beautiful architecture and our city if full of it. Because of this, we have tons of tourists all around the year.
My parents are separated and I stay with my mother. My father stays a few blocks away but we hardly meet. He’s into pretty young things as my mother never fails to remind me. He’s also drunk most of the time. He paints portraits of tourists and is extremely talented. I love the gasps of amazement and stunned looks when they see the final portrait. His talent is well known among the tourists and they flock to him. He sometimes turns them down if he’s not in the mood and this was another thing that angered my mother. If he wasn’t so alcoholic, he could have become famous…and then our lives would have been so different. My mother, on the other hand, has not a single creative bone, except in cooking…she’s very good at that. She’s stable, reliable, serious and a bit boring but earns a steady income.
I grew up with talks on having an ambition in life and sticking to it. With a father who was a bit like me but had no time and a mother who did not understand me at all, I was always lost. I fell in and out of love but never had the courage to go ahead with someone. My father has had many affairs…and there are so many times I have often seen him in what my mother calls a ‘compromising position’. Young tourists model for him and often in the nude too. I have seen my father gently brush the hair away from young girls, touching the nipples as if by accident. I haven’t seen much beyond this but can imagine. I try to sit the way I see these girls sit…I pose in front of the mirror without my clothes.

Pronstars: Szilvia Nagyarc