PureTaboo – Arabelle Raphael – Fear Of Godson


A married couple, Sherry (Arabelle Raphael) and Ray (Ken Feels) have been struggling since their godson, Ethan (Victor Ray), moved in with them following the untimely death of his parents. Ray is suspicious of Ethan’s cold and strange behavior, such as always staring at the couple or just creeping around, but Sherry always dismisses his concerns.

Ray only becomes more suspicious when they return home one day to find all their pictures smashed, including their wedding photos. But when they question Ethan about it, Ethan just casually shrugs it off and blames it on the family dog. Ray isn’t sold but once again Sherry sides with Ethan, choosing to believe the godson over her husband.

But days later, things escalate as the family dog mysteriously gets killed while being walked by Ethan. Ray is convinced that Ethan intentionally got the dog killed and Sherry is completely fed up with Ray’s conspiracy theories, which leads to a fallout between the couple.

Later on, Sherry finds a note from Ray telling her that he’s left her. She’s heartbroken and seeks solace in Ethan, who makes a move on her under the guise of wanting nothing more than to comfort her… Was Ray right that Ethan had been scheming from the very beginning?

Pronstars: Arabelle Raphael