PureTaboo – Charlotte Sins – Lapdog


A private investigator, Jackson (Chad Alva), is sitting inside a parked car on a street outside of a house. He makes a call on a cellphone, telling his client that he’s going to start surveillance and gathering evidence. Jackson then hangs up and moves closer to the house, spying on a woman, Jennifer (Charlotte Sins), who is doing stretching exercises in tight workout attire.

As the days and weeks go by, Jackson continues to spy on Jennifer and take pictures of her while she does various things around the house, completely unaware that she’s being watched. But Jackson’s surveillance begins to seem less like doing a job and more like… infatuation.

Eventually, Jackson knocks on Jennifer’s front door. Jennifer opens the door and politely greets him, curiously asking who he is. Jackson is level-headed as he tells her that he’s a private investigator working for her husband and that he has something he wants to tell her. He asks if he can come in. Jennifer is stunned for a moment but then lets him inside.

Once he’s in the house, Jackson explains that her husband was afraid that she was cheating on him while he was away on business trips, so Jackson’s been hired to watch her to see if that was the case. Of course, as he’s been tailing her, he can see that her husband never had anything to worry about. Jackson adds that her husband should be GRATEFUL to have Jennifer instead of mistrustful of her. Jennifer is a stunning woman and any man would be lucky to have her as his wife. Because of this, Jackson wants to offer his allegiance to her to allow her to live the unshackled life she deserves. Jackson promises he’ll be the perfect cover for any infidelity she DOES want to commit – whether with him or other guys. He doesn’t care WHO she decides to be with… he just wants to give her the freedom her husband DOESN’T.

Pronstars: Charlotte Sins