PureTaboo – Lulu Chu And Kimmy Kimm – Footage Found


When a woman, Charlene (Lulu Chu) borrows a camcorder from a couple, Pamela (Kimmy Kimm) and Richard (Seth Gamble), that she knows, she is SHOCKED to discover an intimate video in the camcorder’s memory. As she watches, she is secretly fascinated and turned on by the BDSM-style sex she witnesses between Pamela and Richard…

After some debate, Charlene decides to go tell the couple about the video, but when she meets them, it’s revealed that the couple PLANTED the footage to see how she’d react!

The couple probes the woman, catching on to the fact that she’s fascinated and perhaps willing to try some of the stuff she saw on the video. Although Charlene tries to deny it, she can’t resist her curiosity as she eventually gives in to exploring her twisted desires with the couple. That’s when the couple leads Charlene through her first kinky experience, complete with gagging and nipple clamps, changing their friendship forever.

Pronstars: Kimmy Kimm / Lulu Chu