PureTaboo – Penny Barber and Sophia Burns – Nothing’s Too Good For My Boy


Ms. Hensley (Penny Barber) asks one of her students, Sandra (Sophia Burns), to stay after class for a brief talk. Sandra says that’s fine, since she doesn’t have cheerleading practice today. Ms. Hensley says that’s actually what she wanted to talk about, because Sandra’s grades have been slipping due to all her cheerleading practices. However, Ms. Hensley says that her darling boy Isaac (Ricky Spanish) is a very bright college student who is just a few years older than Sandra, so he can help Sandra by tutoring her. Isaac already has experience with tutoring other girls, so it would be no trouble at all. Sandra is relieved, and accepts the offer to meet Isaac for a tutoring session after cheerleading practice tomorrow. After Sandra leaves, Ms. Hensley calls Isaac, saying that she’s found another girl for him.

The next day, Ms. Hensley introduces Sandra to Isaac. The way Isaac looks at Sandra weirds her out a bit, and things get even more peculiar as Ms. Hensley gushes over Isaac and clearly spoils him. Ms. Hensley proudly tells Sandra that Isaac is very particular. Isaac asks Sandra to demonstrate how she writes, saying that’s a part of good study habits. After she demonstrates, he offers to correct how she’s holding the pencil, and she accepts. He seems to enjoy touching her arm and hand as he corrects her. Next, Isaac runs his hand along Sandra’s back, claiming that it’s to correct her posture. He then touches her legs, claiming that he’s repositioning them for better circulation. Sandra is surprised but believes that he’s helping her, so she goes along with everything he says.

Isaac tells Ms. Hensley that he’s pleased with how Sandra follows instructions. Sandra is puzzled, and asks what’s going on. Ms. Hensley explains that she sets Isaac up with ‘very nice girls’ and implies that Sandra’s grades will improve if she pleases him. Isaac points out that if Sandra agrees to the arrangement, she won’t have to quit the cheerleading squad and disappoint the other cheerleaders. Sandra is convinced, but says she’s a little nervous because she’s still a virgin. However, Ms. Hensley assures her that’s fine, because Isaac LOVES virgins.

Pronstars: Penny Barber / Sophia Burns