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Blossoming Woman – Olivia Cassi – Defloration


I may be a virgin, but I am no innocent. I like to watch porn at night before I go to bed and I masturbate regularly. I read erotic romance novels and I dream of the alpha male characters taking me roughly and fucking the living daylights out of me. As I pass by boys and men on the street, I assign them massive cocks and pass the time by imagining them breaching my virgin pussy. For a virgin, I am certainly most horny!
I have a vibrator that I hide under my mattress and if I weren’t so afraid of breaking my hymen, I’d have a gigantic thrusting dildo, too. But my most favorite place to the mast is the shower. I love how the hot water slides down my body and slides off my legs and puddles on the floor. I love how slippery my shower gel makes my skin as I rub my hands all over my body and my nipples begin to pebble as I imagine a handsome man paying my body the same attention.

Pronstars: Olivia Cassi