Siberian Virgin – Emily Insomnia – Defloration


I’m 18 years old and I from Russia. It is going to be my first time to pose nude in front of a camera. For me it’s a big shock, but I have to get through it. I’m very emotionally shy. My girl-friend is a psychologist, and she says that I have to changed it drastically. I have found a studio called where they have invited virgins for a naked posing. I have thought, that it would be an amazing start for my change. In addition I always wanted to become a model like other girls did .
Yes I am a virgin. I don’t even have a boyfriend.. Such a dumb girl deserves exactly this. Before I used to have a boyfriend. I had a situation.. Which happened exactly on his birthday. There were a lot other guys. A guy came across and put his hand on my knee and tried to flirt with me. But since I was very shy I just went away from him.. But he was very persistent and was getting closer to me. At the moment when he went under my mini skirt and touched my panties, I stood up and ran away from the party. Why have I done so!!! I’m suffering so much from too much shyness… Plus I’m very afraid of pain, in-case if I lose my virginity once. At the same time I always think about sex. My first masturbation happened, when I was very young and still was in school. Ever since then I masturbate at least once or twice a day. I can’t live without it… I’m ashamed of this, but I had to tell this about myself, this will most definitely help me overcome my shyness in life.

Pronstars: Emily Insomnia