ExploitedCollegeGirls – Lacy Tate – I Think I Kinda Enjoy Anal


Today we have Lacy Tate, a beautiful and easy-going down-to-earth fun-loving girl who’s here to lose her porn analginity. What a lucky SOB Tyler is to be able to stick his dick into this girl’s hole for her first time on camera and we get right to it. With a carefree attitude and tight little package, this tanned beauty peels off her clothes to reveal a beautiful ass that Tyler eagerly sticks his tongue up as he spreads her fine ass and pussy lips. Immediately we pick up on her vibe of ‘you can do anything to me’ and Tyler takes full advantage of her adventurous spirit and DP’s our lovely with toys before he deep-throated her and simultaneously brought her to squirt for the first time. I have to say, this girl is fun and hasn’t really had a guy focus on her pleasure but that’s what we did today and the inner whore just blossomed as the sex unfolded. Unfolded as Tyler pounded her ass that is and Lacy even admitted she kinda liked the anal pounding and will probably be doing more of it in her personal life. Love it and I’m sure you’ll all just love Lacy as well so enjoy.

Pronstars: Lacy Tate